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Thread: IBC container cap wanted !

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    IBC container cap wanted !

    Hi all,

    Bit of an oddball request really but I have a 1000 litre container in my garage holding 700 litres of seawater for keeping live sandeels in for live bait!

    At the outlet tap their is a thread , apx 2" ish from memory and I believe they are fairly standard, I have a very slow leak from the tap and a cap would just put my mind at rest ! The farmer that gave me the container didn't keep the cap and neither did any other farmers that I asked.

    Does anyone have one they could send me ? I would obviously reimburse postage and chuck a few quid to Help for Heroes or RNLI

    Cheers Mark

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    Maybe not a cap, but plenty of stuff on amazon to solve your problem....

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    we have these for oil n stinky water at work il have a word with yard man type smelly person see whats available on 2 ten so il post reply tonite if i cant get a cap would a new tap do as theyve all got one of those as standard cheers iain

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    I will check what my mate has on his farm tomorrow evening.

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    I've seen these on ebay if you have no joy


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    I take it the leak is coming throu the tap bit not sealing/closing fully?

    I think the caps u are on about are only dust caps and screw on, probably wouldn't take much pressure.

    I bought some fittings to fit our on the shoot ones, ours were 2" fittings (think some may be different, alteast some dust caps are different threads) with the 2 locking lugs either side, u can get all different sorts including stop ends think were about 15ish quid, I bought them in Arco but sure u will be able to get them on the web somewhere too. They will take a bit of water pressure
    I would just double check wot ur tap looks like to get right attachment

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    I use a lot of these around release pens. If it's the same as mine, any lid from 20/25ltr drum should be same size and thread, and have a sealing washer.

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    They sell them in Mole Valley Farmers, well they had some a couple of weeks ago in Holsworthy. Ring them and see 01409253014

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    how do you get on keeping the eels alive?
    How long do they last?

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    Many thanks for all the replies , most helpful and will follow up a few leads.

    scubadog, its my first year keeping them and I have spent a small fortune on the set up so far but I'm hopeful all will be well. The tank is supporting a couple of lobby's at the moment and they seem to be keeping well enough. Eels will be coming in apx 3 weeks. my fishing partner is getting on a bit and taking the boat into the surf is a little too much nowadays and I feel his ticker might not put up with some of the up's and downs!! the drifting with sandeel's will be a lot more laid back and should be nearly as productive

    Thanks again all

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