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Thread: Nordick Roe Call

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    Nordick Roe Call

    Hi all i'v been watching the dvd and it looks like the thing works very well,so now im wishing away the next 6 months and dreaming of the roe rut ,has any one used the call

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    Not personally but a good friend of mine bought one at the game fair complete with DVD and he had a hell of a time with it!
    He had never tried calling before and with this new call had bucks coming out of his ears. Got great videos recorded too!
    Get one!

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    What do reckon to it stone?

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    Hi stone yp thats the one i was lucky to get the call and dvd it looks like it works have you used one

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    i was sort of thinking maybe you had not tried it yet
    if that was the case i would of sent you mine to try before you bought
    as mine is crap
    not called a single roe with it yet
    but foxes and hares it works well on

    i think my problem was getting the roe to watch the DVD
    so they knew what was going on

    but they did come to the buttalo after i had tried the Nordix
    but as you don't need it
    i will endeavour to try it once more for this years rut just incase i got it wrong
    Danger mouse
    i will give you my definitive and truthfull answer end of August this year

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