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Thread: Minox HG 8.5x43 Binoculars

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    Minox HG 8.5x43 Binoculars


    Minox HG 8.5x43 Binoculars

    These are too good to loiter in a cupboard, plus I'm after some high end glass for my .222. so it's time for these to go. I'm selling my Minox HG 8.5x43 binoculars - well known in the deer stalking and birding communities, these are fantastic binoculars that punch way above their price due to their Schott lenses and clever construction.

    I bought these new from Clifton Cameras in 2009, hunted with all over the world, then bought some range-finding Leica Geovids. After noticing a slight double image, the HGs went back to Minox Germany for repair under the 30 year warranty and to my surprise were replaced with an entirely new pair of binoculars. These have been used for only a couple of days by my wife to spot lions in the Kruger National Park. The image quality is easily comparable in all conditions with my back-up 8x Leica Trinovids costing double the new price of the Minox HGs.

    The binoculars are in as new condition, and come with soft case, eyepiece covers, manual and strap in their original box. I will include the signed warranty documentation stamped on purchase by Clifton Cameras and the paperwork from Minox Germany to show that they were replaced under warranty in 2013. This will give the 25 years of remaining warranty - Minox Germany have excellent customer services. The new price for these is between 580 and 700 (Minox HG 8.5x43 BR (Binoculars)) - look here for spec' and pictures.

    Given that they are essentially new binoculars, I'm asking 400 or nearest sensible offer for them, plus 12 insured SD next day postage.

    First to post a definite yes gets them - please PM me too.


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    Sold to Prometheus.

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