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    Thinking of buying an 8x56 scope and have been offered a good deal on a Doctor IR.
    I WAS looking at S&B, Swarovski, Zeiss ?
    Will the Doctor be okay or will I regret it later and wish I had gone all the way after the big names? Is there really that much difference in quality and are the big names worth those extra pennies - will I notice the difference?
    Advice appreciated, thanks.

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    The doctor is a good scope. I have had several and they are good workhorses, the clarity of the glass is also very good. I find that the cross hair is a little thick, but some people like that. I had a uni-point and would not have another, I had to adjust the brightness all the time and I found the dot was a little diffused so it was not perfect by any means.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have a Doctor 8x56 IR 30mm scope have had it for about 5 years never any problems.

    Have used it on .222 & my Rem .243 landed on top of it in the middle of a burn on some rocks. Fired of a few rounds at a target scope was still where i had zeroed it.

    Definetley worth the money.


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    I have a Doctor 8x56 on a .270 great scope no problems
    I hope that helps

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    had the 3x12x56 best low light scope i have ever looked throe trust me on this one i have had s/b kales i.o.r big money scopes was the best low light and lamping scope i ever had doctor is part of the zise companey

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    Is Doctor a part of Zeiss or do they just operate out of a factory that Zeiss once owned? JC

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    as far as i know doctor got the jena side of carlzise same as zise set up the i.o.r factorey found that one out on the internet mr lisenfeld was getting a bit of help from zise as well before he poped his clogs looks like zise has a few fingers in some big pies o nearl forgot glass comes from the shoots glass companey i.o.r finish the blanks of themselfs

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    I have a Docter scope on my .22lr. They're right up there with the S&Bs etc, very good optics and rock solid with it!

    Have a look round the net for reviews, most will be good. Search for Docter though, Doctor will bring up all sorts of weird answers!

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    Never heard a bad word about them. Go for it!

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    I use a Doctor 3-12-56 with a DBA ret on my stalking rifle in a nutshell cant fault it, in the five years it has sat on there it has never let me down.

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