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Thread: Roebuck stalk nr. Wimborne, Dorset on any of 5th-8th May

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    Roebuck stalk nr. Wimborne, Dorset on any of 5th-8th May

    Hello chaps,

    This may be too short notice, but I have a holiday in Dorset planned for the first full week of May (4th-9th inclusive). I was going to go stalking in the Purbecks with a friend one morning whilst I'm there, but he's been taken seriously ill and now can't (obviously) take me.

    Is there anyone local who would be able to offer an affordable chance at a Roebuck (of any kind - not bothered about trophies) which I could, assuming success, then buy and take home with me for the freezer?

    I've got my own kit, FAC (note: closed), etc. and I'll bring a .308 with me if there's a chance of an outing.

    I've not got a lot of money to spend, so apologies if I (or my Mrs, on my behalf!) have to refuse you on those grounds: it'll be nothing personal - just that I didn't budget for a stalk in May as the previously arranged trip was pro bono (for which I was obviously extremely grateful).

    I'll consider any serious offers. I'd prefer an early morning stalk if possible.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Adam I have sent a pm.

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    I'd just like to thank Jon publically for his offer of stalking but say that I've decided to not take a trip anywhere on this occasion. Apart from anything else, it's a few more hours to spend with the Mrs / baby and saves the faff of carting all my gear across with us.

    I don't know if forum policy is to close or delete these threads once they've run their course, but I'm happy for the mods to remove this one if that's how it works here.



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