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    I'm looking at getting a new .223, do i go .223 or .223 wssm?
    I used to have a Tikka T3 lite stainless but it shot like handling a cricket bat compared to my Sakos so i got rid. I love the calibre, especially the 50gr hornady ballistic tips i used to use, wonderful energy transfer. Is the wssm a better round or just a flash in the pan?

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    Well if you go .223 Rem then wherever you are you can have quite a lot of stuff off me that's just taking up room.

    Never used the WSSM so no idea, but had a couple of .223s and got on very well with them. Plenty of velocity and very flat-shooting.

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    Stick with the 223 Rem, the WSSM never took off. The standard is a great little round.

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    I would go 223 as it has readily available components and ammo. The wssm as already stated is more difficult to get components for and the ammo may not be readily available. MY mate has the 25wssm but getting brass for reloading is a nightmare, what is available is winchester (and that is crap brass).

    The power from the wssm looks attractive, but that is all IMHO.

    A couple of years ago the wssm's came down in price and a brand new winchester could be bought for less than 300. I would suggest that this is because the calibre never took off.

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    I would say stick with the excellent .223 Rem, if you feel the need for a hotter .224 cal then get a .22-250 Rem. JC

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    I had the same thoughts before settling on the standard rem 223. There is not a lot of choice of models in wssm. Ammo is limited and expensive. There were concerns about barrel wear although I do not know how many rounds were required? If you want extra velocity then go for 220 or 22-250 with 40gr ammo. Cheers.

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    I have T3 Lite in .308 it shoots fantastically well, comes from the same production line as your Sakos so therefore seems it a bit odd that the Sakos shot so much better

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    i have a .223 and love it,had it for 10 years american it loves foxes i would not swap it.

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    I love my .223 Remmy 700 SPS Varmint. I have put all sorts through it Barhaul, Priv, homeloads and never had any issues with it, gets a boresnake and back in the cabinet, good as gold everytime.

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    If you ARE thinking of the WSSM...then get a 22-250! It will still be around long after the WSSM has gone the way of the 225 Winchester!

    New factory cartridges are like a "kite". Some fly and soar to the heights...others don't and crash when the first "puff" of hype dies down.

    So why take the risk that in ten years time the "next best thing" may be unobtainable and worse for you unsaleable.

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