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Thread: Browning T bolt .22 RF 16.5" sporter inc scope,mod,mag, and carriage.

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    Browning T bolt .22 RF 16.5" sporter inc scope,mod,mag, and carriage.

    Browning T bolt in .22 LR,used but in very nice condition,the odd teeny weeny hunting dint which i cant even photgraph!.
    Comes with Hawke Reflex 4-12x50 non ao scope with mildot ret,hawke sports match mounts,Browning scope bases,an extra 10 shot mag(52 new),A Dave Mercer over barrel mk4 bespoke moderator,A DM80 Mk 4,in tactical black.
    Its the 16.5" carbine version, the sporter,in walnut in believe,coupled with the overbarrel mod, makes for a great truck rifle, as its nice,short,and light, measuring butt to mod a total of 39inches.Its probably had around a 1000 rounds through it, and runs nice and was always covered in camo tape, and cleaned after every session.It has 2 x 10 round magazines.
    1" groups are possible at 100yds using winny subs.I bought it new and is now surplus to requirements.
    Bought new in december 2012, it comes with the original box, instructions,paperwork, and original receipt,costing 480 for the rifle alone.
    Comes with the remainder of the warranty, which was 3 years if i recall, the stock has a 10 year warranty.Youll need a FAC slot for the rifle and a FAC slot for the moderator.
    Based near to junction 3 M25 north Kent, call paul on 07973 712138.
    550.Carriage and RFD fees included my end.

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    I can tailor the package if need be, i can leave off the scope, mod or both, but you will need the scope bases as you wont be able to put your scope mounts on it.

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    weekend bump, still for sale!!Any offers?

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    Individual parts prices..
    for the rifle with the browning bases 325
    for the dm80 mod 75
    for the extra mag 40
    for the scope 40
    for the mounts (as new) 15
    These prices dont include carriage or rfd fees.collection possible.
    I wont sell any of the bits separately until the gun is sold,if it dont sell i'll continue to use it,but i quite fancied a variation on my ticket, and this is blocking it.

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    Price drop
    for the rifle with the browning bases 295
    for the dm80 mod 75
    for the extra mag 35
    for the scope 40
    for the mounts (as new) 15

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    Rifle sold, maybe the mod, awaiting confirmation.

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