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Thread: S&B 8x56 (H) 1" tube

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    S&B 8x56 (H) 1" tube

    A4 reticle
    Very good condition. boxed although not the original one.
    Scope is approx 6 years old. I have had it for a year and mounted it briefly just the once.
    Marks on the mount tube consistent with being used.
    No optical faults I am aware of.

    The small circular indicators on each turret that show the position of the reticle relative to its range of adjustment do not work. I asked Gregor at Mcleods of Tain if the scope needed repair, and he said, "I would not bother as the scope works fine as it is."

    Reason for sale: after 40mm objective variable mag scope instead

    325 plus post or pick up

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