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Thread: Deerhunter Pacha

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    Deerhunter Pacha

    Does anyone have any experience of this model of the Deerhunter range? The trousers seem a good price for Deertex. Are they quiet enough to use for stalking?

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    wot price are you paying novice ? if you don't mind me asking

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    Hi Stone.

    The Sportsmans Gun Centre is advertising them for 20 + 6 p and p. I was tempted to buy them as a spare pair.

    Have you ever tried them?

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    hi novice
    i hav never tried them but i do buy deer hunter and hav done for years, not the most water proof of gear but then what is
    at that price it would be worth trying, as for the noise factor if a stalker and a client that can get with in 40 yards of a group of fallow or roe in wellys and on wet squelchy claggy clay/soil sticking to their soles then the slight rustle from a pair of trousers will hav no bearing at all
    hope this helps stone

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    Cheers for the advice Stone. It's interesting to hear other people's opinions on 'the noise factor' when it comes to clothing.

    I have been out with 2 guides, and one was fastidious about all clothing being as silent as possible, while the other wore a pair of Deerhunter over trousers that I could hear swishing as we stalked. I was successful with both guides, so who is right?

    I have a great goretex jacket by Whitewater Outdoors that I wear for rough shooting and beating. I'm tempted to start wearing it for stalking, but I always thought it would make too much noise.

    I think I will get a pair of the pacha trousers. I intend to rotate them with a pair of Stearns Mad Dog that I have. I'm off up to the Borders next Sunday for a few days after roe does, so I will hopefully report back my findings.


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    hi novice
    neither stalker is right or wrong it is just there way they think and act and as they both guided you to a successful stalk then the logic of both stalkers worked
    good luck on you trip to the borders hope to hear a little about it on you return
    kind regards stone

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    I have a Pacha Jacket, not the leggings as yet. I find it very good, light, warm and pretty much silent. Plenty of pockets too.

    I do worry about it's ability to stand up to really rough undergrowth though.

    I am going into Sportsmans new store at the weekend and may pick up the matching leggings.


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    I have the deerhunter Ram trousers and have all but worn them out. I think they will probably walk away on their own fairly shortly. To be fair they have been very very good and worth the money I paid for them.


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    sportsman seem to be having a sale at the moment on some deer hunter clothing so make sure you hav some spare cash in your pocket sanders just incase as money talks

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    sportsman seem to be having a sale at the moment on some deer hunter clothing so make sure you hav some spare cash in your pocket sanders just incase as money talks
    Well I went a couple of weeks ago and spent enough.....but on a new rifle set up, not clothes!


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