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Thread: heym sr21 magazine stuck

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    heym sr21 magazine stuck

    So... was looking for an extra magazine for a Heym SR21 in .308. Discovered that Reeves stock them. On phoning ws overjoyed to discover that they stock a 5 round version.

    At a not inconsiderable price, I bought one.

    Magazine arrived today. Didn't look quite right, but tried it anyway (with no rounds). Mag is now firmly and irremovably stuck on the rifle. Absolutely cannot get it off by any of the normal ways.


    All suggestions very gratefully received. Have to have this working by Friday ...

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    Still struggling.

    Does anyone have any experience, with any rifle, with stuck magazines and possible solutions?

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    Can you push it out from above with the bolt open ?
    Failing that I'd try removing the action from the stock, then drop the bottom metal and stuck magazine out the bottom.


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    Thanks Neil.

    Pushing from above does not help.

    There is a spring loaded catch that engages with a small hole on the side of the mag. You push in a button to disengage this. What I think has happened is that the hole is not quite aligned properly, so the release button is not in contact with the catch.

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    I would try to wiggle the mag by gripping the body of the mag (hopefully there is enough to grip) while keeping the mag release button pressed.
    Hopefully this will align things correctly and it will pop out.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Tried that for an hour or two!

    I think next step will have to be taking the action out of the stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Tried that for an hour or two!

    I think next step will have to be taking the action out of the stock.
    To quote .......

    HEYM rifles are still built by hand, and every part of a HEYM rifle - “Lock, Stock and Barrel” - is made and finished in house. No two parts on two HEYM rifles are interchangeable: Each is hand-fitted to painstaking tolerances by a host of specialized craftsmen who average over 25-years’ tenure. This unique capability provides us with full control over every aspect of quality, while providing clients with bespoke services that are seldom seen in today’s gun world.

    So much for the claims then. I had 3 Heym SR20's (reliable mauser action, and a 5-shot staggered box magazine with a simple floorplate release) from new for many years which were fault free.

    Maybe an amateur gunsmith can fix this better. Best of luck.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Mungo... you may be able to slip a 6" steel rule or similar down the side of the mag and trip the latch that way. Try from the top first I would say, then the bottom if no joy. Obviously be carefull of scratching the metalwork of the rifle. Have a good look at the other mag first and see exactly where the catch fits before starting. Taking off the stock may not help as it sounds like a metal to metal fit.

    Si.. re the quote...."hand fitting and no two parts interchangeable etc"...very arty farty but not very practical. Exactly why they stopped making the Luger.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Happy to report all sorted. Undo the two bottom screws, lifted out barrel and action, press down the trigger, bottom metal mag housing ( or whatever it's called) and popped out the catch. There was a wee burr on the slot on the magazine which was removed with a few strokes of a file.

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