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Thread: On the look out for a .243 set up

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    On the look out for a .243 set up


    I'm going away for a couple of weeks soon and once I'm back I'm going to be on the look out for a .243 It will be my first .243 and is my natural progression from a lot of rimfire use and accompanied .243 use. I now have the opportunity and clearence for my own so looking forward to having my own tool. It will only be used now and gain so don't want to break the bank.

    Ideally half decent second hand

    Ideally a set up (rifle, scope, mod)

    Ideally private sale as would like to know about the rifle and what its done

    Also would need to be synthertic stock.

    I know i will be asked what my budget is but prefer to start off with what the seller thinks something is worth to them and then i can decide whether or not its within my budget.

    Like I say this won't be for a few weeks yet but just putting the feelers out incase anyone is thinking of selling theirs or knows of anything thats coming up.

    I am based in North Cambs/ South Lincs area and would be willing to travel a little way for the right rifle.

    Cheers guys (& girls)

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    Look through classifieds here, guntrader and gunstar to mention a few without looking at shops websites.

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