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Thread: worming tablets

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    worming tablets

    do any of you buy your worming tablets for you dogs over the internet? i took my lab bitch into the vets yesterday to have her hip scored,whilst in there i got worming tablets for both labs two and a half tablets in total for nearly 13 ,he let me have them at the old price at that just wondered if anyone gets a deal?

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    Buy Drontal Plus from petsdispensary. They have an offer at present buy three get one free. The tablet for 10kg weight is 1.80. Delivery is 1 for whatever amount bought. Wormed my 3 spaniels recently for 12 in total.

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    I use drontal as well and have no problems with it.

    I used to use panacur however it made my terrier violently ill and he did not eat for a few days afterwards. (tried it twice just in case it was a bad tablet but it happened both times).

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    I've used Vet Medic Drontal Plus is 1.85 a tablet & free delivery.


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    thanks guys i will be taking a look

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