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    hi i was once a avid bunney basher shot thosands of them /my qweston is on a recent shoot i shot a few rabbits now i have not shot a rabbit in a few years but all the rabbits that were shot had scabs on them like sores that had healed up very dry lumpey corse scabs eney one have eney idea what this is i bined them as it looked very iffey but never ever had this on my land now seams like every rabbit has them whats going on thanks

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    thats all i can think...if some have gotten resilient and the scabbing has did the right thing binning them anyway...i always want to know that they are fit and healthy before eating.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sandersj89
    Sounds like healed Myxi scabs...
    id second that one

    theres quite a few near me that seem to recover from the old mixy

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    same here,you tend to get them when its been around and the few which get over it have scabs on them

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    thanks for that i knew the eys poped out of there heads but never withnesed scabs before but good to know what it is thanks

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