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Thread: buck vanguard knife

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    buck vanguard knife

    hi all i have been thinking about buy myself a decent knife and been thinking about a buck vanguard but with a rubberized handle. when i phoned up my local gunshop he said he had stoped stocking them as they wernt as good as they used to be ? and now was going to stock boker knives. just wondered what others thought about the vanguard and weather or not they are worth there price tag?

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    Have a look here,
    plenty of choice and better knives than the Buck, i can recommend a Benchmade Fixed Griptillian, quality knife. Also have a look at the British Blades forum you might pick up a hand made knife you fancy for not a lot of money.

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    Sir-lamp-alot a friend of mine has a buck vanguard which he often asks me to sharpen for him as he says i can get a better edge on it than he can [yea right]
    I do have to admit though it can take a bit of time to hone a decent edge on it due to its hardened blade especially when its very blunt/dull
    The knife itself is well made and quite sturdy and strong with a bit of weight to it but the handle is just to smooth for my likeing especially when it is wet or wearing certain types of surgical gloves.

    For a knife in this price range i would sooner go for a gerber with its superior handle grip and lighter weight

    This knife, also my mates is the sort of thing i prefer but dont bother with the gut hook as they just get in the way [in my opinion]

    It also has a good sheath with a quick release and washable plastic internal

    I hope this helps

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    I was getting buck vanguards from USA for $30 last year. I have the zipper as I have loads of other drop points. Use it for skinning or on the hill.

    Not the best for the money. Check out Kershaw. The secret is in the AUS8 steel. (google it)

    Or as the man says go to Hennie and get an fallkniven F1 as they are the dogs doo dahs (Laminated VG10 blade)

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    Nothing wrong with Buck knives for sure, but take a look at the Cold steel hunter or if you can find an older Browning signature fixed blade (Pic) and of course the F1.

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    I have a Buck Vanguard! You can get it like a razor blade, but it takes a long time too get it there and use it once and it loses its edge totally.

    I bought a Boker Intregral in the end more money but it holds its edge for several deer before it needs a couple of minutes on the Lansky to get it back to razor blade sharp again.

    You pay your money and all that!


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    My mate advised me to buy a Buck 478. This has realy good rubberised non slip handles and is dishwasher safe. It was quite cheap, and takes quite a good edge, nice study sheath and feels and handles very well.

    They are never on display or advertised but well worth searching out.


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    For me buck vanguard knife is the best all around fixed blade knife. I would also recommend a swiss army knife because this has many uses aside from buck vanguard.

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    I can understand him stocking Boker as they do offer a good range and very good knives. I have and use these Bokers:-

    Rubberised handle

    Stag handled

    Then I also have this Buck Crosslock:-

    Although I don't have any photos of it a friend sent me a Frost Apache with laminted resin impregnated scales which bot to the blade so you can strip it for total cleaning and despite beign made in China seems to hold it's edge fairly well.

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