My 23 yr Ald daughter has shown interest in joining her Ald man shooting foxes and the ocasional hind, she is a county .22 small bore shot and I have to admit a league above her father.
She will be shooting my moderated Sako .243 with Swarovski optics.
The .270 will be back up in case things go wrong i have had it on my ticket for some time use it or lose it.
I did contact a member on here who was selling one recently but too late it was gone !
A Parker Hale advertised in local paper for 100 the Stalker advised me the bore had Never been cleaned it would do more harm than good ????
I am not at all concerned about condition as long as it shoots straight has any one got one tucked away or knows some one who has.
Would be great if it came wth extras, screwed, optics, have looked on some sites but would much rather buy private from some reliable fellow shooter.

Thanks in Advance Angus