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Thread: admiting fault after a car accident

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    admiting fault after a car accident

    coming back from stalking this last Saturday unfortunately I had an accident in the van, neither vehicle was going any great speed and the damage to both cars was minimal I have just finished repairing the van my self as I did not want to loose my no claims bonus and have to pay more next year as I am only 19. when I got home I rang Aviva and let them know I had an accident and that I did not wish to claim but I informed them that the other parts were going to try and claim against me because there car was worth a lot more than mine. The crash occurred on a small back road down the road from one of my permissions, the road is to small for two cars to pass and on a blind corner we hit corners. I have just got off the phone to Aviva and have been told that I will now loose my no claims and that they are going to pay 50% of the damage for the other party's vehicle because the other party has told them that I am 100% at fault. I was under the impression that on a back road if no body is at fault then it was up to your own insurer to pay to sort your car if you wished to sort it out through them. the police were called by the other party as they wanted a log number and the two police officers agreed that it was nock for nock and no body was at fault, I have tried looking at the internet but im struggling to find any information reguarding this, so I thaught I would ask here in the hope that there was someone who new more than me. im refusing to accept liability for the accident and im a little peeved that I will now loose my no claims as my insurance is over 1000 as it it!! if anyone could help I would be extremely great full. if anyone knows something I don't that will stop be loosing my no claims I would be more than happy to send you a bottle of your faveroute drink or if your close take you lamping or stalking on my ground, thanks all!!

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    Hi Tomm,
    on country lanes the repairs go 50/50 they pay for your damage and you pay for there damage.

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    You could ask you insurance not to pay out on it and pay yourself although they may still penalise you for being involved in a accident. Although it sounds like the other party have a water tight case for a claim.

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    iv told Aviva that it was not my fault and that surley they should claim on there own insurance but they keep saying that it should be 50/50. surley this cant be right?

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    found you this and it may help explain k4k
    Gassing Station - PistonHeads

    copy and type in k4k or
    try this one feller:
    Knock For Knock Explained - Consumer Action Group‎

    15 Sep 2008 - 6 posts - ‎5 authors
    I work in Personal Injury Claims and knock for knock (K4K) is when an insurancecompany (lets take Norwich Union(NU)). Say your insured ..

    hope it helps mty

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    If you where moving then it was your fault... 50%, stationary you may have a better chance you admitted to the police it was knock for knock and this is when you find out your insurance company will do bu.... all to fix it unless it is a claim. Even then it will drag on for several months an still make an appearance on your insurance renewal for years to come.

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    I am afraid that this is what you must expect from an insurance company.

    Around 8 years ago I was approaching a blind bend on a B road. A vehicle skidded round the bend and collided with me on my side of the road, writing off both his vehicle and mine. It transpired from the driver of a following vehicle that they were giving each other a race and had approached the bend at 80 - 100mph, fortunately this witness gave a statement to the police to that effect.

    Anyway, a few days later my insurers NFU mutually rang and suggested settling on a 50:50 basis as it was "a narrow country road". I rejected their suggestion and after the other driver was convicted of careless driving, banned and ordered to take a re-test I was paid out in full with no loss of NCB.

    I was lucky, without the 3rd party witness things may have turned out differently, it is a "No Claims" , not a "No Fault Bonus" although the NCB can be insured which is what I now do.

    I no longer place my vehicle, business and home insurance with the NFU Mutual.

    atb Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
    have been told that I will now loose my no claims and that they are going to pay 50% of the damage for the other party's vehicle because the other party has told them that I am 100% at fault.
    sorry if you were 100% at fault why are they paying 50%?
    that doesnt add up

    your insurers work for you.
    be strong and tell them under no circumstances that they are to settle 50% of a an undoubtedly large bill (most likely made larger by some accident management shiisters and numerous other free loading scum).

    whether small backroad or not someone is more to blame than the other
    one of you may have been further over the centre line

    they (the other party) either prove your liability and your insurers settle 100% of their claim (and yours if applicable)
    or they can't prove liability and your insurers do not pay
    50:50 liability and Knock for knock is only relevant if costs are incurred by both parties

    your car sounds like its fixed - you are not claiming
    they need to PROVE 100% liability

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    you need to get the police statement and make a claim against the other party for the damage to your car and the whiplash you are suffering from. Insurance company's are scammers, I had a accident, well actually I was watching tv in my house when a car drove into the back of my van, which was parked legally outside my house, guess what, my premium rose due to the accident I had, when I questioned them , they said even though it was not my fault, I had still had a traffic accident and a claim they had to deal with.

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    Unfortunately Bewsh it doesn't work the way normal thinking people would assume.
    Having had some involvement with the UK insurance industry (I used to own a car hire company) I've seen just how corrupt the whole business is.
    The young gentleman's mistake is trying to do the honourable thing having been involved in a minor bump. My advice, however cynical it is, is if you're involved in a bump get out of your car, lay on the floor and start screaming 'compensation'!
    It's what your insurer expects and it's what your premium is geared to.
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