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Thread: Sako 75 deluxe

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    Sako 75 deluxe

    Have a mate who can't get registered on website has the following for sale.
    sako 75 deluxe , 270 less than 100 rounds fired through it,comes with 30 mm rings,t8mod ,walnut stock,this rifle is only 18 months old really well looked after,like new condition ,I have seen this rifle ,great rifle that will last a lifetime ,1300 Pm me and I will get him to email pics of the rifle.

    cheers Allan
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    Email picts. maybe a calibre as well

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    Have just noticed the missing details ,have now updated

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    Seems unlikely that it's 18 months old - they stopped making the 75 in 2005 or so...

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    Must admit I was thinking the same... Unless it was sat in the shelf for while!

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    There are still new ones out there

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    Hi guys. I've had a bit bother replying to poets & posting stuff mysel. I've had ad look at it & they managed to rectify it. So I'm up & runnin now. Sako stopped manufacturing the 75 model 2 years ago. It's my dad that is selling the .270 that Alan has posted (sad to see it go but different calibre fancied) as Alan said the rifles in mint condition & is well looked after. We've just looked at receipt from gun shop we aquired rifle from , we said it was 18month old it's actually 2yr old in October past there. He bought it at the end of the scottish stag season.
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    can you please pm contact details as have a friend who is very interested but has lost his access details thankyou

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    can you message the boy

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    Yip Allan ive just done it cheers. I forgot to message u to say I'd message him.

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