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    I may have at last got some of my own ground,not much compared to some, 650 acres fallow,need to list cull figures/beasts taken at end of year,can someone give me ideas/format as to how I go about keeping a good healthy population on the ground,obviously take sick/weak animals out,is there a plan format I can follow,what do fc do?

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    Tony not to sure about fallow but i do know that 650 acres of good ground is invaluable and most people pay thousands fr the same acreage. I have a small plot of 120 acre and take 16 - 20 roe off it. I had 1200 acre of forestry and the cull figure was just 25. In reality most people put emphasises on the size of there ground but like a penis it is what you can do with it and do you have any were to put it. Hope some one can help but feel fallow being nomadic might be hard to put a figure on.

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    Re: cull

    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil
    what do fc do?
    Shoot everything, night and day. Sorry, couldn`t resist that.


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    Well done on your new ground Tony,I`m back looking after loosing mine but something will pop up eventualy i`m sure.
    To work out a plan I would say you first need to establish roughly what numbers you have on the ground and take it from there.

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    This is what I need,how do I tell,knowing fallow to be a bit,here today gone tomorrow,what is on the ground,to start with,Tone,

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    Re: cull

    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil
    This is what I need,how do I tell,knowing fallow to be a bit,here today gone tomorrow,what is on the ground,to start with,Tone,
    Get to know the ground Tony check for fresh slots and runs you will soon get to know their habits,keep notes if you need to so as to identify by marking on individual deer,put out some salt licks close to woodline (only for counting I dont personally like this method for culling )once you get to know the areas they are using get there before sun up and sun down sit wait and watch ( hope this helps a little mate to get you on your way).Rgds Pierre

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    Tony as you say knowing the deer numbers is vital if you are to formulate an efficient and practical cull plan.

    When i am trying to assess the deer numbers on a new piece of ground i first have a good walk round in daylight allowing myself plenty of time.

    I will be looking for
    Slots [fresh and old]
    Droppings [fresh and old]
    Tram ways [routes taken by the deer to get from a to b]
    Browse lines on the trees/ivy [usually a good indication of numbers]
    Fur left on barbed wire [handy for species identification]
    Potential food sources and availability [browsing ,grazing, crops etc ]
    Potential deer holding hot spots [thick cover set aside etc]
    Pluss any deer sighted also jotted down in my notes [species sexes ages numbers etc]
    All the above will give you an idea of what deer are visiting or are resident on the ground but you will have to put some leg work in to work out where and when.

    My next visit would then be with the owner/keeper after dark with a lamp driveing or walking the site to see what deer are showing ,as they will be easier to spot.
    Keep a watchfull eye on the deers reaction to the light because if they run for the hills at the first sighn of a light it might indicate there is a problem with poaching in the area.

    Activity of other users of the ground can also be of great importance because if you have
    Vermin shooters [ fox control lamping ]
    Forestry workers
    Live stock owners visiting the ground during the morning/day/evening this can affect the deers feeding/resting times and you will need this information to plan your visits to achieve the best results.

    I once viewed an estate that on first impresion looked great with evidence of deer everywhere but on further investigation it turned out that due to loads of human activity during the day all the deer [sika in this case] would vacate the ground long before first light and go back into a nearby woodland not venturing out again until after dark.
    In three visits to the ground not one deer was seen during daylight hours [morning /evening] yet at night upward of sixty were often seen hence i declined the offer of the lease.
    Hope this is of some help as it seems to work for me

    Anyway good luck with the new ground and i hope it all goes well for you

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    cull stalking

    well done tony you will be over the moon.
    Tony just spend some time there and watch what is about if your going to take a few deer just shoot young and bad heads for now untill you really know what you have on the ground. as you know just sitting and waiting you can see a lot (or in your case prob not) ha ha good luck tony and hope to see you again some day.

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    Thanks all for your help,Rick,Dan,thankyou hows chris has he made any highseats yet,you know it takes years of dedication and self beleif to master the art of "highseat time lapse" as we special few masters call it,any fool can sit there and see deer,but when youve been there for a fortnight,bowel and leg movement a distant memory and what few mates you had have f,,off home,then glass hopper you may walk with me..

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