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Thread: Which long range scope?

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    Which long range scope?


    Im in the market for a long range scope and wondered your thoughts. I will be using it at 600m and occasionally on the 1000m. I have a friend who has offered me the zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 but before i take it from him i thought i would ask some opinions.

    I know some scopes run out of elevation adjustment, do you think this scope could cope out to 1000m?

    It will be mounted most prob on .308

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    Probaly not.go on a website that sells them and you should be able to find out elevation and windage range.if its on its limit on adjustments a 20 moa picattiny rail is what your will need.155 grainers need around 30 moa elevation and 38 moa upwards for 175 grainers.40 odd moa when really cold.hope this helps.atb swaro

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    if its on its limit on adjustments a 20 moa picattiny rail is what your will need.
    could you explain the 20moa rail to me, sorrry i am quite new to this. does this mean the scope is tilted to increase adjustment of the scope to favour one direction??

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    If i was going to be shooting 1000 yards i would want a good quality scope 30+Mag

    i sort of think that type of thing is a specialist area that u have to choose your components carefully

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    A zeiss conquest is not a target orientated scope. I would certainly not be considering one for my 600-1000 yard rifle.

    Sightron and secondhand nightforce are the top choices right now.
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    thanks scotch_egg, i did have a little look at the sightrons the other day, do you think i could pick up a half decent one with a 600 budget??

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    I use a 20 and a 24 mag scope for 1000yds though 32 mag would get you closer too the target, also need a scope with target turrets, pic rail gives you a little more elevation adjustments, a rifle with 26 inch barrel and longer better suited to 1000yds

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    A 24mag sightron,not sure about a 32 magger

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    hi i have a swarovski 6=24=50 for 750 if interested
    regards robert

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    sightron no doubts mines on a 300 win mag and loving it, you will get a new 6-24-50 lrdm from the states with change, atb wayne
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