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Thread: first buck of the season

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    first buck of the season

    In all the excitement with my CWD mount and the dog I completely forgot to do quick write up on our exploits last weekend.
    The weather was kind,and there were plenty of animals to be seen on the ground.The strangest thing,the journey up we never saw a single beast and never saw one on the way back.

    Toad was to set the scene for the weekend and grassing a buck on the Friday evening,I bumped a cracker that barked all the way up the side of the hill some 300 yrds,I did try a half hear ted bark back but that just made him run faster.
    Another buck again barking and a doe,along with some reds and i was fairly content with my day before departing back to the caravan.

    The morning saw me make my way back to the car,when Toad arrived and we got a call from the third member of the group "ems bach"who was watching a group of roe and for us to make our way to him.
    After some miss communication,I had the rifle with toad and buzz following,and being guided to the spot by our spotter.
    We could clearly make out two does,then the buck appeared,bang on 103 yrds nice shot off the sticks and he was down,both the does just stood and toad and i tried our best at some Attenborough style videoing,which didn't work.
    The extraction started well,with me being keen then the dog seemed to take the piss and grab the deer as I dragged the bloody thing.
    Over the shoulder,i was completely covered in blood,then the sudden realization that it was full of tick got me really worried.
    Thankfully the nethers were free from any aforementioned parasites.

    Suffice to say it was a memorable weekend,with ems being very unselfish and offering me the shot when he could have attempted to stalk from his position
    The meet up in the pub with Colin,Norma and Agent was a welcome break and lets hope it's an omen to come.

    good luck to you all for the coming season

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    a weekend I will never forget lads .

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    Those nomads are great for soaking up the blood

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    Kracking weekend boys and great to watch your stalk Gelert and as for that sponge ooops Nomads what a great bit of kit. Although I thought the funniest thing was watching you dragging the buck with Buzz having a free ride..

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