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Thread: roe call

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    roe call

    how many of you use and have success with a roe call? its not something ive ever tried but while out a couple of nights ago i was havin a squeek for a fox and a roe buck started coming towards me at speed , i always thought these calls were a bit of a gimick for some reason but its something id like to try so can anyone advise on which one to get and if there any use
    cheers allan

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    Buttolo is a very popular call and probably the most user friendly. I've had deer running in at times and it is really exciting to see, never shot any with the use of the call though (my fault wasn't ready) but hope to change that this year around August.



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    I use a rotum taller reed call it works very well, takes a while to master different types of call but very life like, atb wayne
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    Tried a call last year, i tried the buttalo and the green german ones in the wee box (cant remember name of top of my head) but i shot 4 bucks during the rut using them, but who knows they may still have come out without them however they all looked pretty aggitated.

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    Cheers folks I think il give one a try b see what happens , I take it it's similar with roe as it is with foxes that you shouldn't use the same call in the same area too often ?

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    bought a buttolo at local gunshop today will give it a try tonight , hopefully it wasnt a waste off 20 quid lol

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    i wouldnt do any deliberate calling of roe until the rut. There is plenty of books articles and video on the subject. I wouldnt expect you to have a great deal of success this time of year. save it until july/august.

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    thanks mate il leave it till then ,will also have to read up a bit about it ,i did have a look out tonight but only saw 2 does ,thanks again for advice

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    Try looking on YouTube at calling Roe deer, I'm sure you could pick up a butallo from Glenluce gun room.

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    May I just add and im sure others know this, but Roe calls work on Muntjac I have lots of success calling Muntjac with the Buttallo, although it doesnt always work.

    But when it does the sport is excellent.

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