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Thread: Anyone ever tried painting a skull.....?

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    Anyone ever tried painting a skull.....?

    You would think having boiled out more heads than I'd care to remember, I would have learned by now, boil them fresh, don't leave them sat in the garden for 4 months before dealing with them....

    ive got a red stag which the skull has been quite discoloured on, I've not yet used peroxide on it, and will of course, but I know the staining is deep in the skull, and I very much doubt it will come up clean, so I was thinking I might paint it, I've seen it done in several American trophy prep videos, seems they do it quite routinely over there, has anyone tried it who could recommend paint types etc......
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    Hi there, Have you had any luck with your query? I have a similar problem but mine is with a gemsbock skull prepared by Black Bear Taxidermy, Kimberley South Africa and shipped over looking perfect. Over the last five years dark areas have appeared either side of the bridge of the nose. As the skull is completely dried out I'm not happy to use peroxide, so would welcome any imput.

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