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Thread: Spiders and blood

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    Spiders and blood

    I shot a fox last night that was silly enough to stop at 20m, after having walked out from under the high seat I was in and had scented me.

    The shot was heart and lung (.25-06 so more than enough gun ), but it still bolted so I ended up tracking it by torch light through all sorts of cover.

    I have noticed it before when tracking blood at night, but it is amazing how quickly spiders and other bugs and critters come out to start feeding on the blood. A few times when I thought I had lost the trail I found it again by looking for spiders (in the main ones with small bodies and long legs) and seeing if they were feeding on blood.

    I was tempted to put this in the "Tips" section, but wondered if anyone else looks for spiders other pointers to help them find blood or a trail?

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    Do you mean harvestmen? They're arachnids (like ticks and scorpions!) but not technically spiders... spiders wouldn't have the mouthparts capable of feeding in this way.

    But to answer your question, I've never noticed this myself but will look out for it now!


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    they can nip
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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Do you mean harvestmen?
    Yes, they look like some of the critters that were helping me out last night.

    Although there seems to be mixed opinions on the internet as to whether they actually drink blood, but if they weren't drinking it, they were certainly giving it a damn good sniff

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