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Thread: Chilli Roe

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    Chilli Roe

    I've had a slow cooker going for the last two days on low, contents comprising one of Jo's packs of Roe trimmings, (looks like rough cut beef for stewing), about 2.5lbs, defrost in kitchen overnight, place straight into slow cooker including any blood in bag, no browning off!, peel four small shallots, cut up rough, chuck in, peel two garlic cloves & place in cooker whole, not crushed or chopped, follow up with a squirt of tomatoe puree, four teaspoons of hot chilli powder, one small stock cube, blitz some left over peeled plum tomatoes (tinned ones),add one tin kidney beans (rinsed), & leave for first day on low stirring a couple of times, second day test meat for tenderness & fire up to high heat till meat falling apart (just) add one more tin rinsed kidney beans, serve with stiff, (not sloppy) creamed mashed potatoes, or your favourite rice, Adnams or Australian shiraz/ Cab sauv! 8) 8) 8)

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    Sounds tasty Finn!
    Not wanting to cast 'doom' on your recipe mate, but just in case some folks have access to raw kidney beans though please read the following:

    Raw kidney beans, and some other beans, contain a toxin, phytohaemagglutinin, which is destroyed by boiling for at least ten minutes, but not by the operating temperature of a slow cooker. Raw beans must be boiled prior to slow cooking to avoid poisoning; canned beans do not require this, already having been so treated. Even a few beans can be toxic, and beans can be as much as five times more toxic if cooked at 175F (80C) than if eaten raw, so adequate pre-boiling is vital. Cases of poisoning by slow-cooked beans have been published in the UK.

    I'm sure most people knew that anyway, but a timely reminder never goes amiss eh?

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    Thanks Spankey,Did I forget to say "tinned "? it is very important as you say, these things are very dangerous if not processed correctly, thanks again MS. Steve.

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    finn sounds a good un mate

    monkey didnt know that about the beans
    just goes to show we dont know it all allways learning
    regards pete .

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    Just got on the far side of the dish, Me the Missus & her sister Vicky, MMMnn what can I say, apart from I'd do it agi'n! 8)

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    just tried that was not half bad

    Definately try this again

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    hot tip

    a bout an hour before you eat it drop in between 4 and 6 chunks of dark or extra dark chocolate it gives it a real kick to the taste and texture

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Just got on the far side of the dish, Me the Missus & her sister Vicky, MMMnn what can I say, apart from I'd do it agi'n! 8)
    Just did it agi'n!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Tried this with added fresh chillies and finished it with chocolate! Very nice!

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    I've been using powdered chocolate for this for years, Suchard is best but any good quality powder will do (all right I have to admit an ulterior motive, the lumpy chocolate never gets as far as the kitchen )

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