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Thread: Good Housekeeping?

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    Good Housekeeping?

    So how many of us do the chores then?, poking dreys, winter evening crow roosts, pond clearing, wood & undercloak thinning, hedge laying etc, alongside the usual bunny bashing & fox lamping? Or are any of us too aloof for that?

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    I looked at the heading and though mrs finbear has got finbear hoovering again

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    she'd have to be able & qualified in levitation! 8)

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    I am too busy stalking myself, sorting out hunting guests, helping to get the syndicate stalkers to shoot their quota & running the game processing business & plant also!

    Let alone attending 3 farmers markets a week myself & delivering game meat throughout Hampshire to trade.

    The general house keeping tasks you speek of are left to the game keeper, as I think I do enough already

    Regs Lee the over worked!

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    That sounded a bit lord of he surveyed!

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    Chores? The term i`m fond of using is Arse Licking,lol..

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    I am far from one or the "lords" buddy I assure you, I am just a normal guy that manages to make my living from private deer managment through bloody hard work.

    Many people are envious of this, they however fail to see the hard labour intensive work in the culling, processing & selling of the Vension in addition to being held accountable for staff & the Food Standards Agency once you fail to be an exempt due to size of business.

    Regs Lee

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    Hi, could not resist, i do the Dishes, hoovering, and even clean the windows once a week inside & outside and there's 12 windows & empty the bins daily,and still go stalking & shoot foxes,rabbits,pigeons,crows,maggies ect, geese are on top of my list just now as they are on my estate in the 1000s and feeding on winter wheat, chores, chores, sorry could not resist the boy coming out of me, 53 years young LOL.

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    Good luck to you Lee, it most certainly is hard work and I for one am certainly not jealous.
    Hunting is something I do as a pastime for pleasure, not as a 9 to 5 job which I am most certain there would be very little 9 to 5 involved

    Each to his own I am sure it has some fantastic rewards which will be tempered by the crap jobs all professions have hidden behind the side seen by the public.

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    Bl**dy hell Sooty! that's a bit o' nice worki'n!, & LWCD, TONGUE IN CHEEK MATE!

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