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Thread: Left Handed Stalking Rifle

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    Left Handed Stalking Rifle

    I am looking for a true left handed Stalking Rifle
    I have a .243 so I am looking for a heavier calibre - something around 6. 5 mm going up to .308/7mm calibre- I need something that I can reload and not have trouble sourcing cases, bullets or dies
    No particular budget but a used rifle would be fine
    Wood or synthetic - any sort of barrel - with or without scope
    Quite fancy a Sauer but have searched without much success
    Can anybody point me in the right direction ?
    Perhaps you have a Sauer 202 or similar in your gun cabinet you might part with?
    Go and have a look now
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    Good luck mate. I was in the same situation until I dropped on a little used 7x64 Sauer. Took me a couple of years looking though, decent S/H lefties are rare. Try this Tikka 595 7mm-08 Rem Rifles For Sale in East Sussex :: GunStar the ad is quite old but might still be there. The Tikka 595 is much nicer than than the T3. I would buy it if I didn't have the Sauer.

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    Thanks for that - I'll go and have a look

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    Hi edchef
    give me a ring , how menny left handed stalking rifles do you want , lots of calibers

    all the best


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