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Thread: Story in largest selling paper in Scotland.

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    Story in largest selling paper in Scotland.

    Were do you stand on this have the FC shot them selves in the foot and collaborative deer management is only a myth. Or are they right to shoot even if every one else round them has decided to give things a chance in the worst winter weather for 32 years and it ain't finished yet.

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    Everyone is aware that FC rangers are shooting deer on the lamp (legally), so what difference does a bit of snow make?

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    yep cant let anything get in the way of there trees same at Marlodge they have contract stalkers in killing anything that nibbles a tree.


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    Makes you think twice about cutting a switch for the hot cabin!!!! 8)

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    Maybe someone should check their off season licence. I thought that was for regeneration woods only. Maybe someone could also challenge DCS on the decission if it is a blanket free for all. Otherwise all the claptrap re DMG's goes out the window. Same with lamping licenses. Why does one body get a free for all and others have to jump through hoops then get told the damage will not justify. The stalkers are there to do the job without the lamp. They the FC take money to issue leases permits to control deer they also retain a right to lamp it without passing on that right to the lease holders. I have been in a wood when the lampers were flashing their light in my direction. They are then in danger of shooting without a known backstop. The licence to lamp should be individual and time related. covering only small areas where the damage occurs.

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    Jimbo, they were probably helping you to walk out!, or maybe your firefly was'nt working properly!

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    It was not even FC land, They killed everything trying to get to the Tilhill ground

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    DCS / FC

    Last October I was up a hill and could not get a shot on monster of a stag due to the hinds moving around. It was 19th October.

    I eventually got a Sika Stag later that day and all was well.

    We took the sika to the game dealer and could not get it on the rack for hinds.

    They had just picked them up from FC larders.

    Think on next time you tender for an FC lease.

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    I have to be VERY careful what i say, but I, and some neighbouring stalkers are in a much worse position than John Cameron (bad though his position is) due to FCS. Disgusting, revolting, completely disrespectful to the deer and their neighbours. Sickening.

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    There must be a commision stalker on here that could try and explain whats goin on,they cant be trying to shoot themselves out of a job can they???
    I know an FC stalker he has told me he often shoots deer (roe) that other stalkers would give their eye teeth for,but has to meet his cull , the powers that be wont stop until they can plant broadleaves without having to cover them.
    They are more concerned about having a good raptor population that can leave the forest to menace the neighbouring game birds

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