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Thread: Shooting syndicate

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    Shooting syndicate

    Hi all i david been shooting for years! place to place pheasants and ducks snipe mostly!
    every shoot ive been a working gun or a workin beater
    im at a really good shoot just now but its hard to get driven days standing!! as syndicate is full
    so maybe looking for pastures new in the central area!! Im looking for a syndicar that would take a full or half gun! I can work most weekend building pens brashin feeding birds!
    i like a bit or air gun shooting as well and need land for tht would also love a good pigeon shoot if anyone would feel nice enough to have me for a few days i pay of course!
    I live in denny inbetween stirling and falkirk "scotland"
    cheers for reading
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    Welcome to the site, you got things a bit mixed up I think. This is the introductions forum, you should really try in the appropriate forum for what you are after, you stand more chance.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks john my bad haha

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