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Thread: Foxes Aren't Seen In The Day

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    Foxes Aren't Seen In The Day

    HOLD FIRE, Its not what you think.

    Yesterday, i was browsing through the forum and found a comment a gentleman had made about how he had only see 1 fox in daylight in 32 years. Well, it was my day off and I had nothing much else to do so after reading this comment I decided to protest the fact that fox's aren't active during the day (never mind I had shot one in clear daylight not 3 days ago).

    I grabbed the Tikka, applied the mod and grabbed my coat, and camera of course. I wanted photographic evidence for this. !

    I was heading for a local sheep farm, not 2 miles from my house. It is a great little place, lots of rabbits, open ground, cover, woodland. It is a place where everything can be found (apart from deer……….yet). The weather was perfect, warm, a slight breeze with plenty of sun to really warm those foxes coats up.

    The first watch was about 100 yards from the farm yard overlooking a wood which once held foxes in their earths, sadly over taken by badgers. I placed myself on the mound of mud which has always been on this farm, not even sure why but it comes in handy at times like these. The caller was set to rabbit in distress and away we went.

    I gave it a very generous 15 minutes of calling and came to the conclusion that there was no fox here, its a small wood and he would have appeared by now. He was some where but not here. Caller switched off and rifle over my shoulder supported by the butler creek sling (Mighty comfy these things) and off i went to another place where i knew foxes would cross. This farm is almost a mound like shape, its high up and has a hill all around it, one side cover in woodland and the other gorse. A fox paradise some would say ?

    I walked about this place very carefully, I knew if i was going to achieve the outcome I wanted I couldn't go about with a heavy foot andy clumsy step, you won't see foxes in daylight if you're movement is as such. Instead I was quiet, slow, careful and clever. I noticed along side the old brick wall a mound of mud. I had dug a litter of foxes from here two years ago, the memory came rushing back. As I moved closer to the wall, it came apparent some activity was occurring here. Maybe the relative of the fox i had once removed from this earth has moved in ? Watch this space.

    I arrived at my destination and watched for a few minutes before I put the caller into action, just incase mr fox was about. If he was, he didn't cross between the wood and gorse so I activated the caller, again my call of choice was rabbit distress. What fox could resist a juicy rabbit in this weather ? I placed the caller at the base of a tree in-between the two covers and retreated to a safe distance with the rifle.

    A healthy 25 minutes where spent in anticipation for a fox to appear and come into my death call. But, to my surprise, nothing! I was adamant that a fox would appear from either side. Theres no reason why there wouldn't be a fox in the vicinity. Maybe i was too loud, maybe i was to quick, maybe i was too stupid. Maybe i was looking in the wrong place. He was not left, he was not right, he was there, right in front of me !!!!

    Across the valley, about 600 yards away, a field with a small patch of cover held a happy, playful, healthy FOX !!!! I looked at the time, 6.00pm ? and its still daylight, well, my experiment has produced the expected result. I looked through the scope to see this fox walking about the field, stopping, starting, running, walking. He was enjoying the weather i would also enjoy if i was a fox.

    I watched him, through the leupold at 9 times magnification. He was still small. I think i need a nightforce or something.

    He played like a terrier would in the long grass, rolling on the bank, jumping in and out of cover, even lying down and jumping up. Maybe he knew i was watching and decided to show how cute they could be. Well, he was being entertaining to say the least.

    I recorded through the scope to PROVE that foxes are about in the day time, you have to be in the right place at the right time,. No fox shooter will tell you that foxes aren't about in the day, if so they are probably lazy and shoot from vehicles. You can't enjoy the country side from a seat.

    Anyway, heres a little video of the fox in daylight, enjoying life………..while it lasts.


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    Nicely written. I enjoyed that and have also seen them in the day time.


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    Anyone who runs trail cameras will confirm this.

    The middle of the day seems to be particularly productive.
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    Last three I've shot have all been in the day time. One mid morning and the other two late afternoon.

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    It's Mr Foxes job to be there when you least expect it

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    Pah! 600y away? Wait till you've got Roy's skills

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    on my free range chicken farm foxes only come during daytime as popups close for night so they cannot get any chickens, so i catch them during daylight as much as i can then get any straglers coming in to the smell of the chickens, atb wayne
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    Relatively new to foxing. To date all foxes taken in daylight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sans Culottes View Post
    Relatively new to foxing. To date all foxes taken in daylight
    not sure if you are asking a question but my tally this year is 12 foxes in daylight hours, i have another two to get that i know of but they are quite difficult i sat in wait the other day and it had changed its pattern and came in from a different corner and wasn't a safe shot, last year i caught a dog in the paddock passing chickens to the vixen who then passed to cubs then off to den i did post this up and managed to nail them all,atb wayne
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