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    What the hell is wrong with the server for this website?

    It is driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!

    Some days I can log on, other days I cant, sometimes I can log in off the link I have saved on the toolbar sometimes I can only access it through a previous days history.

    Rant over (for now)!

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    Sounds like it's something at your end! , I am in the position Unfortunately, of being on here quite a bit recently,& have had zero problemo's Steve.

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    no problems here

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    David , have you tried dumping your cookie cache & the temporary internet files?

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    The problem I have is the site dumping my saved log in. No probs logging in but to do so it wipes the new posts file so I have to troll the lists to see whats of interest. I prefer perminent log in.

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    I think the Famed CSL member techie type will cure this for you, or at least tell you whats wrong down your way!

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    Everything is ok with me and i am in and around most day's no problems

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    I've been using Firefox for a few days with no problem.
    This morning Microsoft updated with the Internet Explorer security patch and the PC restarted.
    Since then I have not been able to log on using Firefox. Well, I appear to be logged on because I can see everything including the Memberlist and all posts, but cannot post or send/receive PM's.
    I have now discovered that I can log on if I use Internet Explorer.
    I have got another member to pass the news of the problem to Admin through another forum.
    I have now discovered that I can log on if I use Internet Explorer. Still no joy with Firefox, even using a new Username and Email address.

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    no probs here for the last couple of months,well done alex 8)

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    Now then Gents,

    nobody has had a whinge for a while and it has been nice. Having said that we know that there is still a bit of a problem in a few area's, however in a couple of weeks time, courtesy of Alex, all should be fixed. We are going to have a new look website will we be running on the latest release software.

    An announcement will be made about it nearer the time when all will be explained. In the meantime the site will soldier on as it is.


    PS it is all working fine for me

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