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Thread: swarovski 10x42 range finding binoculars

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    swarovski 10x42 range finding binoculars

    Hi All
    I have decided to sell my 10x42 Swarovski binoculars they are the range finding type and I have only tried them out to see how good they are. And they are some serious bit of kit.
    I am only selling as I have just sent for a set of leica HD-B 42s they come Tuesday. the reason is they have a built in ballistics calculator.
    The Swarovski binoculars cost me 2100 and I will let them go for
    1860 delivered


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    Very tempted

    where abouts are you located ?

    any pictures ?

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    Don't know whereabouts in Worcestershire you are Mark, but I am over the border in Gloucestershire - Stow on the Wold - and I have that model, so if you want to avoid driving pop North you are welcome to try mine, then buy his!


    Quote Originally Posted by Markfox View Post
    Very tempted

    where abouts are you located ?

    any pictures ?

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    Sold pending the usual

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