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    what to do

    hi ....if you had a .22/.17 hmr/.204/.243. and where thinking of swapping the 17 for something,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what would it be . i feel that the 17 not getting used much anymore. and the cost of ammo is a bit high for what it is. i do reload for the c/f rifles. i use the 204 for foxes and the 243 for foxes / deer.

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    How about something bigger, .30Cal.

    I'm thinking of swapping my 17HMR slot for .204 or .20Tac . Mainly because I want something small and fast that isn't 17HMR, as I didn't get on with it being so fussy. Already got .22LR, .223 and .308

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    its a thought ....beet to the shooting range today and there was a nice 303 there ...

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    22LR, 204, 243 and 30-06 would make a nice 4 rifle hunting battery ! Also add a 9.3x62 and you are ready for everything

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    30-06 would be nice..

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