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Thread: Sauer 202 in 25-06

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    Sauer 202 in 25-06

    As header, I am selling my Sauer 202 in 25-06.

    This rifle is a synthetic stock model, has a fluted barrel, weaver bases, bipod stud, retro-fitted open sights so no unsightly holes in the barrel. Overall the rifle is in good condition.

    It is threaded 1/2 inch and I will include Lee reloading dies, about 80 rounds of once fired brass. And a full box of Hornady soft points and a box and a half of Nosler 100grns if you have expanding on your ticket.

    I have only shot it a few times, but I bought it second hand. I have kind of developed a load for it, although it shot .5 inch with the second load I tried so I wouldn't say it is a well developed load as I stopped there!

    Reason for sale is that I hardly use it. I bought it secondhand as I already have a 202 in 7x64 and they are cracking rifles. I think I shot maybe 5 rounds through it at Minsterley in May, and since then only tested some loads, and thought about keeping it for stalking! Was going to take it to Scotland this week but ended up taking my 7mm which I prefer as my main stalking rifle.

    Currently has a German Schmidt 8x56 on it. The scope has some cosmetic marks to the finish on the tube, but not optical damage, itfunctions perfectly and suits the rifle well.

    750 without the scope
    1050 with the scope - Retail for scope is about 700 (Scope not for sale seperately yet)



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    I was seriously considering one of these, and if it wasn't for the forth coming nuptuals you would have already recieved a pm

    Is it the one you can swap a 30-06 barrel onto?

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    Hi there,

    AFAIK the only barrel it will not take is the .243 and it would take that but the bolt would need to be changed as well as the barrel as the .243 bolt only has three lugs and all the other calibres have 6.


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    Wonder if I can put this down on the gift list

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