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    Olivon Scopes

    been offered 3 of these 30mm tube side focus 8x32x56 good price to me illuminated reticles in red or green BUT Ive not heard a word about them had a look to day at an auction and the look reasonable any info please

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    Ash, I along with many others have swerved anything that even had a hint of China to it, but now, well some of the stuff coming out is top notch, just not all of it!, even Airbus are over there now building stuff, so good luck with it, Steve.

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    for the money Ive been asked for on these you may get a 5Th hand S&B but for the HMR or the 223 they look OK and you get a lifetime warranty i have to remember it is the quality of the nut behind the bolt

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    I bought a 6x42 one of these from the cotswold show and can't fault it. It's lovely and clear and holds zero fine (admittedly only on an air rifle but it doesn't get mollycoddled!!)


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    hi i was interrested to read this artical on the Olivon scopes as i have a long range spotting scope for 1,000 yrd shooting and it is more than upto this task,I did not know thay also sold Rifle scopes ,so i was off to the midland game fair today to find the seller of this scope called ( ) i found the lads very helpful and soon found a Olivon Ranger 8-32x56 mil dot IR. I intended this for use on my .223 cz for long range foxing nr our pens.
    On getting home i had the scope on a.s.a.p and out to zero it befor the light fell , but not to worry as the light was not an problem i have just come in from my shoot with two head shoot rabits and one very unhappy fox. the scope works well under a lamp with no halo of light and the range finder side paralax works a gem. i would put this scope up as good as my 8x56 Doctor Optics on my sako 85 308
    sorry its long winded but as a scope for under 300 its a good deal for 200/300 yrd late eve foxing outings and more in day light.
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