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Thread: New X-bolt with SF Trigger

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    New X-bolt with SF Trigger

    Has anyone purchased the new X-bolt rifle with SF trigger (super feather trigger) and if so could you give a review of the new trigger.

    I currently have an x-bolt stainless stalker and am wondering if it would be possible to replace my existing trigger with the new SF trigger.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    If yours is too heavy then just cut the spring down, a coil at a time till it's how you want it.
    I did mine years ago and got a very nice trigger out of it.


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    I haven't but I am considering buying one they look a very solid rifle


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    I had a very good look at the new X-Bolt in my favourite Gun shop in France at the weekend I've got to say for the money I was very impressed , the trigger felt lovely, the display rifle was fitted with the New Zeiss Conquest DL very nice combo..

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    I just noticed that a dealer near me has the stainless fluted model with the sf trigger for about 730, or the bog standard stalker model for just over 500. Very tempting indeed.

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    I bougtht a .223 varmint hunter x -bolt. As i have been impressed by the accuracy for this cheap gun I got another in 6.5x55. The new one is with a SF trigger. My opinion is , that both have the same trigger. If you screw down the old one its the same than the SF. On the SF you cant get lower in trigger pull. So I decided to took both to the gunsmith for trigger adjustments. The .223 has now 450 gramms and the 6.x55 650 gramms. Before i couldn t get them lower than 1.2 kg.

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    if you cut down the trigger spring aprox 1.5 to 2 coils you will end up with a 2.5/2.0lb trigger with a clean break, as good as an after market trigger, as hornet 6 stated. it is a bit fiddly but not to hard to do.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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