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Thread: Roe with 2 broken front legs.

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    Roe with 2 broken front legs.

    Out walking with my vizlas last month when we bumped this deer on the edge of a small wood, she moved slowly and then sat down again looked like she was limping badly, I have permission on the fields around the wood but not in the wood, spoke with the owner later that day and she gave me permission to catch up with the doe.

    I went looking that evening but with no luck, went again at first light through the wood with the dog but no luck, decided to enter via a different part and sweep again, suddenly I heard 2 dogs yapping across the field and quickly though there chasing the doe, I was right the doe entered the wood with 2 dogs chasing her, the owner was calling frantically at her dogs which they moved slowly back towards her, the deer crossed my path perfictly and went down, I confirmed she was dead and though best to speak to the lady with the dogs, on climbing a barbed wire fence the top wire broke its fixing on the post and im left dangling by one leg, to see in the distance as the lady walking off with 2 dogs on leads.

    As you can see from the photo, she had been hit by a car with her left shoulder and leg broken, her right leg broken with her walking on the bone....
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    A good one to get, well done.


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    well done for sorting her out , must have been in a real state of distress !

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    Nice job that would have been agony for her

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    A good job done!

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    Appreciate the effort. Thanks

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    Well done you. Heart breaking to see animals suffering like that.

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    Always a difficult situation but quite clearly the most humane outcome.

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