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Thread: Itchy paw

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    Itchy paw

    Walked my dog this afternoon and she pulled up holding her back left leg. Her leg is fine but her paw/pad is driving her crazy in an itchy way. I've checked for splinters etc but nothing, rinsed it but no good she isn't limping.
    Pom sure if she could scream she would.

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    just a guess,might be harvest mites...
    thornit powder get's rid of them.
    put some in a bag then put paw in
    and shake.
    atb ,

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    Could be stinging nettle, this always seems to develop soon after a walk rather than during.

    atb Tim

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    thistle spike. Real hard to see among the hairs.

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    could even be a grass cut,

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    It may be a insect sting,a bee more likely than a wasp as bees are about PM wasps AM bazil

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    Cheers guys. After not finding a splinter I did presume a nettle/thistle stin. It's been six hours now the irritation does seem to be easing for her. Could be brazil. I did thoroughly have a look between her pads but couldn't see or feel anything and she never pulled her leg as in discomfort.

    Strange but it doesn't seem to bothering her as much.

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    Mine has has similar symptoms regularly last year and our vet suggested Piriton, within 20 mins he has stopped itching and settles down.

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    I live close by to the beech which I avoid as I no this drives her crazy sand between her pads.

    O did presume the worse when I seen her pul up but felt a little relived when she was cleaning her paw and not licking her muscles in her legs.

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    Some local irritant, insect sting or similar or just scratched by something abrasive. Definitely not harvest mite - they only appear in August. My dog often does this, and I've yet to see anything obvious.

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