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Thread: Interchangeable barrels

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    Interchangeable barrels

    How does an interchangeable barrel system work on your FAC?

    I've already got a .22LR CZ455 rifle, however I'm interested in buying a 17HMR barrel as the barrels are interchangeable on the action. I have a free slot for a 17HMR rifle on my FAC.

    I assume I need to have the 17HMR barrel as on entry on my FAC, do I need a 22LR barrel as well to cover me when I've got the rifle built up in the 17HMR format as I believe only the action has a serial number.

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    You will need an entry for both calibres on your FAC. Are you sure there is no serial number on your 22 barrel?


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    speak to your firearms departments

    I have two
    all barrels and all actions are listed.
    all spare barrels are listed as "spare barrel"
    one barrel and one action tend to be listed togther as a specific rifle

    1) #12345 - .22 spare barrel
    2) #23456 and #23457 - .17HMR bolt action rifle

    the ball ache comes when you want to sell the entire rifle in .17HMR form!

    stupid system but most authorities are aware of the numerous brands that offer it

    (oh, and a tip: get two scopes and QR mounts!)

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    CZ 455s carry the serial number on both the barrel and reciever.


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