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Thread: moderator t8 problem

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    moderator t8 problem

    I was out shooting today using my browning a bolt in 223 rem and when I shot the next thing the t8 flow of the barrel feet away. I put it back on again and it did the same again. I dont now whats wrong with it, its 5 years old but it's had alot of rounds through it

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    Without seeing it ,it sounds like the threads have started to let go ,rusted away in the mod !! , not spinning off is it ?.
    Jacksons may still px it.

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    The thread on the barrel is fine but it must be in the mod thats gone, because I make sure it tight when I use it, so dose jacksons px then and were about are they ?

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    They used to do some sort of deals a while ago try giving them a call monday explain what has happ'd , i stopped using t8s as i had one that blow a rust hole and have seen lots that have been welded due to rust but if keep em oil'd and they last for ever , i moved to hardys gen 4 as they don't rust and nice and light.
    would keep use'g it until you know what's wrong as it may just tip your bullets off poi.

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    Cheers for that I'll give them a call, yeah the mod started to go rusty at the top but it was nothing but I can see 1 baffle had a hole through it but its only small but I never been a big fan of that mod since I had it really due to it that it cant be cleaned inside because the t8 theres rusbish comes out of it.

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    I have replaced 3 reflex moderators through Jacksons. They are very easy to deal with.

    They will swap your mod no problem, you pay 60% ish for a new one in exchange for your old mod.

    i had a T4 on my ticket as No makers marks or number and Jacksons swapped it for a ATEC CMM4, as above.

    TOP TIP, if you get a new T8 measure the width of your barrel and ask them to bore the back bush for you.
    be aware that the newer T8 mods are shorter than the older type. So be carefull if you do measure the thickness of your barrel and you currently have an older mod the hole will be too big.

    Best of luck.

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    That sounds very to me thanks I probably go for some thing different than a t8 I'll give them a call monday morning and see what they can do

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