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Thread: Do you stay or do you go?

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    Do you stay or do you go?

    This evening I sat on a ride in a quite a big wood I stalk in. I left it half an hour to settle then gave a few peeps on the buttolo and instantly had a doe come charging in, she came in to about 20 yards, and eyed me up (I was sat on the ground, not in a seat) she knew something was there but wasn't sure what. She came close, barked, bounded off, came back again barked a bit more, went off came back etc. This carried on about five minutes before she finally buggered off into the wood barking all the way. I stayed put but saw nothing else, which isn't unusual in this place.

    This is the second consecutive time this has happened in the same wood, I think with the same doe, last time no call and I was in a high seat. She came along the ride virtually to the bottom of the seat before she saw me that time but went through the whole barking and returning process.

    My question is, if I get busted like this am I better to move to a different spot?


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    Tula unless your trying to bring Mounties in you should only be using your call in the rutt too much use of the call will get the deer very used to it if the doe has made a lot of noise I would have moved to a different position personally but others may say different happy hunting
    Atb tom

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    Tyla. Is she a Roe or Muntjac doe ?

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    What were you planning on taking, do you have 3 species ?

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    I'd be posing similar questions to the above 3 replies. It depends entirely on what you have in the wood, the size of the wood, and what you were planning to shoot. Calling Muntjac you could probably get away with a fair bit. Roe on the other hand will generally be spooked by such an event taking any surrounding roe with them or leaving them on high alert. There are alway exceptions of course. If you intend to call roe bucks later this year then I would not be using a call much at all. If you do use one then make sure it is completely different to anything you may wish to try in the rut and that includes your pattern of calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Norm View Post
    Tyla. Is she a Roe or Muntjac doe ?
    My guess is roe, because if it was a muntjac he'd have shot it
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    the running away alarm bark will signal to other deer
    and would make me move to another spot
    in the opposite direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    My guess is roe, because if it was a muntjac he'd have shot it
    Not if he's considering the fact that a munty doe responding to a call may well be doing so because she has dependant young somewhere nearby!?

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    I think he is trying to call roe buck. Limited muntjac here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Not if he's considering the fact that a munty doe responding to a call may well be doing so because she has dependant young somewhere nearby!?
    Accepting that we must not graft human values onto animals, I never ceased to be amazed by the sheer courage of a Roe or Muntjac Doe, in defence of her young.

    Whilst calling, I have actually been charged by a Muntjac Doe and experienced a Roe Doe 'facing me down' in a 'standoff' at a distance of no more than fifteen feet.

    Both animals were fully aware of what they were facing but none the less persisted until I left them in peace. I admired their courage.

    Whilst Kipling's poem 'The Female of the Species' is believed to have suffragette origins, some of its verses, relating to the ferocity of the female in defence of her young, are profound indeed and by no means limited to the animal kingdom.

    If you don't believe me then try criticising one of your children within earshot of their mother. That should do the trick .

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