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Thread: Roe on rape advice please

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    Roe on rape advice please


    I stalk on open land in Suffolk. On the land there are a number of spots where I would expect to see roe at this time of year. However there are far fewer around. A little bit of work with the binos shows that the roe are on adjacent rape fields, moving on in early morning and off at sun set.

    So my question are apart from rape poisoning is this just whilst the rape is in flower, is this common and do I need to wait to its harvested before the roe return



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    I was out in Norfolk near Fakenham yesterday evening. The Roe were on young beans and oats and browsing the hedges. The rape is three feet high at present and wet after rain so none seen around its edges.
    I also think that several days of cold easterly winds has moved them from where they usually feed out. It was an overcoat warmer in the lee of a good hedge or wood last night.
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    Yep my initial thought was to blame the wind as well but as I have now seen different deer on the rape ( and its only 100 yds away from where they "should" be) at different times this promoted my question

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