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Thread: Last trip out

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    Last trip out

    Having checked zero on the rifle and found it spot on,i took my son to a spot that ive not long aquired. I took along the .22 aswell.The focus here is on predator control but the landowner also wants the deer reduced abit as well as few rabbits,dirty job i know but someones got to do it .The evening was bright with a stiff breeze,luckily blowing in our faces. As we descended the valley side ,a muntie doe appeared not 10 yds in front looked at us and scarpered into the gorse .Stalking along the bottem glassing up i saw a roe doe under a hawthorn bush picking at the leaves and decided to stalk in to see if there was a buck .We unloaded the .22 and both crawled up to a knoll to spy proceedings .Must get George a pair of bins as hes forever wanting a look through mine .The doe wasnt alone and was with another ,both intend on the hawthorn browse.Watching them,we became aware of a tree getting thrashed to our left but over a brow .A pair of antlers moved along the brow line eventually coming into full view to reveal a 4 pointer .We were half way up a bank with a bank still rising infront of us so George took it through the chest at maybe 60 yds .Shot was spot on and the buck careered down past us wide eyed to fall 10 yds below us .This is Georges second roe buck and better than the last head wise .Proper made up ,hand shakes and hugs .Gralloch revealed the heart was mushed.Moved on to a big bury to try for Georges first rabbit ,may seem arse about face but there it is .Few rabbits on the bury which is essentually a badger sette now with rabbits as tennants .First shot off sticks was a miss so stalked on but the next connected with a buck rabbit shot through the eyes.The plan was now to lie up for a fox .Before it got dark we saw 3 more muntie does ,one very preggers ,4 more roe including another 4 point buck ,two pair of hares charging about ,numerous pheasants rabbits and a heron taking duck chicks down in the wet meadow ,but no fox .Never mind ,we will be back .

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    Sounds like an excellent evening out and well done on the 2nd buck!!


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    Nice buck. Well done young man

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    Nice shooting George


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    What a fantastic way to spend time with your lad. Well done George.

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    Well done George, no holding you back now

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