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Thread: Different Sort of Day Out - Minkhounds

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    Different Sort of Day Out - Minkhounds

    Had a call from my Dad to say that the minkhounds were meeting locallly to him and as the weather was considerably better than the forecast, thought we would go along for a look.It was a good day out in the sunshine, not much about unfortunately but a nice steady walk along the river, getting to see bits of the countryside not usually accessable to all. As one chap said to me "come along here tomorrow and you would be trespassing"
    All in all an enjoyable trip out and i may well try and get out a bit more with the hounds.


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    Went myself as a kid when there were some 'real' mink hounds still about (not just retired fox hounds taken out for mink). We met at Thornborough nr Buckingham and followed the Ouse through to Twyford saw loads of Mink and they got a few from memory (was 20-25yrs ago at least!)

    I loved it but especially loved the old Otter hounds mixed in too, with their long shaggy coats!

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    To be fair most of these hounds didnt look like a foxhound type, I would have said 90% of the pack were black and tan long haired hounds if they werent true otterhounds then there was some blood in there somewhere!


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    Never got to get out with the mink hounds there were no packs close enough, but beautiful looking dogs or rough & ready as my mrs described them at a game fair. I used to follow the Pennine fox hounds (an all foot pack no horses) about 30 years ago cracking days out & fond memories Wingy

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    Yes, totally agree.
    There is something very special about watching the mink hounds work (otter hounds), some of my best memories are when I've been out with them and the Buckhounds (hunting Roe).

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