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    During DSC1 you're told about the main notifiable diseases in deer and zoonoses, which includes Brucellosis. So far noone has been able to tell me what the symptoms of Brucellosis are and how to recognise them in the carcass inspection or in live deer. Certainly the course manual doesn't describe it. Can anyone enlighten me? Has anyone actually identified it in the UK and is this disease currently present in the wild herd?

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    Causes abortion in cattle, sweats and bad temper amonst other things in humans.
    there was a vaccination and blood testing plus eradication program a few years back, never hear of it
    in cattle now

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    Guy I know was a dairy farmer back in the 60's. He picked up the disease of the cattle. It flares up in him every so often. Knocks him down a bit especially now he's got old. Don't think it's found much these days though, as the people in the hospital had never heard of it when he went in.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. How would it be recognised in either the live deer or the carcass inspection (without resorting to blood tests)?

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    You're not going to be able to recognise it in an animal without testing. England is free of brucellosis. The main sign in ruminants is abortion.

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    Many thanks for clearing this up Apache. It's been something I've asked a lot of people about but never been able to get an answer. ATB

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    Like the above, my Father got brucelosis from dairy cattleon the farm. It does flair up now and then and knocks the s**t out of him.

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