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    Shearing courses

    One for the farmers on here- or anyone interested in sheep or shearing. I'm seeing if anyone is keen for a blade shearing course(as in the old hand shears) in Perthshire in July, as well as a gear and grinding course. The course would run a couple of days and be hosted on my farm about 9 miles out of Perth. Anyone wanting to travel from further afield I can pick up from Perth train station and we usually have a couple of spare rooms on the farm so anyone is welcome to stay the night. With the world shearing championships in Ireland this year we are looking at trying to get some of the worlds top shearer over for the course. There will be around 10 places on the gear and grinding course and 6 on the blade shearing. This is going to be run in co ordination with the BWMB and funding will be through IACS so the costs shouldn't be too high around the 90 mark I think. If you are interested or know of anyone that would be let me know and I can start trying to get definite dares together.

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    Cant help there but this may lighten you up.

    An Aussie grazier went up to his woolshed to get a few things ready for the days shearing,it was an hour before start time and he was then surprised to see one of the Kiwi shearers in the catching pen and he was chock a block up a woolly old ewe.

    The Cocky sang out "hey you are supposed to be shearing that"

    The Kiwi kept thrusting and replied " Get your own,I aint sharing it with anyone"
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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