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    Stealth cam watch

    Does your family get excited like mine when I bring the SD cards home for viewing ,it really is fascinating seeing what's happening when yr not around .the whole family want to see what and when wildlife is mooching and I have to admit the bressers from lidl are really pretty good quality for the money .it adds a whole demention to stalking and and least I get to go out more often as they cant wait for the next episode of stealth cam .

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    Its the same in our house, Its as much fun seeing what is about as it is out stalking.

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    Owners get excited, just left my Maginion in place for a couple of weeks, was a revelation when viewed, two deer specieas, fox, badger, pigeon and lots of squirrels, a lot more than we expected.


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    We're the same and nice to know others enjoy that too. We've had all sorts turn up including poachers, farm dogs a long long way from home, stray dog walkers, stray horse riders and sometimes even deer! I take them away on holiday with me now - had otters on the west coast and boar in France. I agree on the bressers- I have been really impressed with them for the money and would buy more at the same price if I could. I think they were 70. My parents had a much more expensive bit of kit at the end of their garden (miles from any populace) and still someone nicked it - that was more like 300. I feel more comfortable strapping 70 to a tree with so many people about the UK. The bressers have a 5 yr guarantee which they have honoured with excellent service in respect of one of our cameras.

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