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Thread: Barley and deer

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    Barley and deer

    I'm wondering if the new barley that is coming up here isn't to the deer's taste (roe).
    There is a distinct absence of deer where plenty have been seen before.
    Are they off in some sunny glade munching away at sweet spring grass?.
    Do they come round to eating barley when it's riper?.
    What have others found?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I know very little about roe but just a thought,you'll probably find that your patch of barley has been sprayed recently with various pesticides, herbicides and straw stiffener so maybe a reason?
    I have one farm I shoot, only rabbits but the farmer is totally organic and the amount of rabbits on there is huge! You get to the boundary and struggle to see a rabbit on the fertilized / sprayed ground of the neighbouring farmer.


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    Roe are browsers not grazers, might nibble barley when it first comes through the ground, but walk across a field of young barley and look for the damage they have done, you will be hard pressed to find any, even when you see them on a barley field theyare normally picking out weeds growing among the barley not the barley.

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