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Thread: Ridgeline Monsoon 2.

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    Ridgeline Monsoon 2.

    In the Lakes at the moment hill walking and found a shop selling Ridgeline Monsoon for 115. Decent price and I like the style but reading up on them gives real mixed reviews. Usually along the lines of well made. Bomb proof. Soaked in sweat. Any long term users have a comment? Worth getting? Comments welcomed.

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    I passed mine on. It was great for everything apart from walking about. I sweated like a pig in it.

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    Yep, great for High seat work or lying up somewhere but I would not want to walk to far when I had it on.

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    You can get them for under a 100 if you shop around. Worth every penny .Wf1

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    Buy yourself a bin liner. Just as breathable at a fraction of the cost!

    seriously the lack of breath ability is a real shame. I really like the colour, the pockets, the hood and the cut but I don't care what anybody says, any physical activity and I am wetter on the inside than out, no matter what layers/material I have on underneath. I have thought about having a tailor fit zips in the underarms for some ventilation, maybe that would help.

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    Have to agree with the above, I really liked the jacket it was really waterproof but you just cannot walk anywhere in them without ending up covered in sweat. Sold mine on the popular auction site.


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    I really tested mine in the Wicklows one ultra foggy/misty and miserable day hunting Sika and was very happy with it.Perhaps the fact that the day was cold helped too but it gave me no problems during out up and down hill walking of quite a few miles.
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    A mate told me " if your sweating your walking too fast " when using the monsoon I now walk slower !

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    A mate told me " if your sweating your walking too fast " when using the monsoon I now walk slower !
    I would literally have to stay stationary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubnut View Post
    I would literally have to stay stationary.

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