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Thread: first/new rifle.. im in love

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    first/new rifle.. im in love

    sako 85, bavarian
    swarovski 8x56, illuminated reticle
    ASE northstar
    Canon 12x36 image stabilizer

    cant wait to get out next weekend

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    Lol...where is it, can see the barrel and action but the stock just blends in nicely with that table top you have.....

    joking apart it does look the biz, together with all the rest of the 'tools of the trade'....all the best with it, cant wait for mine!!!

    let us know how it shoots when you get a chance!


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    I hope your trip out is memorable and that you "blood" your rifle soon!

    Atb, ft

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    I had to smile when i saw this post AJWH , im like a small child on Christmas morning whenever i get some new kit, hope you get your first beastie with it soon.

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    very nice set up ther bud now why 243 every one on hear uses 308 i love the 243

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    Love the rifle. Really nice. Love .243 too.

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    Is it "the other half" that does the knitting? If so get her some wire wool and maybe she can knit you a reloading press!

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    Nice setup, and good luck on your first outing! 8)

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    Very nice too a bit of oil rubbed into that wood and it will be just lovely .

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    nice thread protector!

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