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Thread: Tick remover

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    Tick remover

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
    I was looking on eBay at tick removers and I came across this , has anybody used one and if so are they worth buying? eBay item no. 231053356815
    Many thanks ,

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    what wrong with a good old pair of tweezers and some TCP or WD40 lol ???

    I never get them so I dunno but my mother used to use Tweezers and all sorts on my dad lol

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    Was thinking of buying a few for some of my clients as some of them are a little scarred of the

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    prevention is the key then, most of my friends are "hill" folk , either shepherds or farmers or keepers, many of them use prtective methods that might help such as moisturising areas around the belt line, sock line, arm pits and crotch, some of the products used are skin so soft or sudacreme... however here is a couple of links that are useful :P

    second link is about about preventing
    CDC - Tick Removal - Ticks
    TickEncounter Resource Center

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    if they work great, Tullock tweezers are not good on ticks you will make them regurgitate back giving a higher risk of lymes, use a proper tick tool and no potions, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    if they work great, Tullock tweezers are not good on ticks you will make them regurgitate back giving a higher risk of lymes, use a proper tick tool and no potions, atb wayne
    as I said I don't have an issue with them, just going on the remedies I am told by folk that are prone to getting them. I been walking/crawling/diving/falling/getting lost/getting found/playing/fishing/shooting etc. etc. on and around the Highland hills since I was old enough to walk and never in my life had one, saw plenty walk over my hands and removed plenty from my kids and my animals but never needed to on myself, I think they just don't like my blood or that I ma thick skinned or maybe just cause I am ginger, I literally have no idea.

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    You can make one using a paper clip. straighten it out then basically fold it in half so it forms a V shape. glue the 2 ends into a bit of hazel stick for a handle. I find it best to go from about 1cm at the handle end to touching at the notch end. have the whole thing slightly curved. place over the tick and pull so the tight end grasps the tick near the dogs skin continue to pull until tick is removed

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    Buy an O'tom. I have tried them all and these are the best and very cheap

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    Has any of you used or heard of anybody using one of these "sonic" ones though

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    O'Tom hope they can still be bought here link -

    NHS thoughts on it - link

    O'Tom the way forward even for the little dust like ones. A small section of heat shrink tubing can be used to join the two together
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